Western Europe

A Peek Into Several European Countries

Women’s Rights in Portugal

by Destiny Albritton Before 1969, married women did not have the right to obtain a Portuguese passport or leave the country without the consent of their husbands. Until the 1970’s … Continue reading

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Italy’s women’s rights progression and brutal murder of teenager.

Written By: Michael Derlicki Italy is a country that is very aware of women rights. Italy of today is country in which women have equal rights as men. They also … Continue reading

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Sweden: A Gender-Egalitarian Country

By: Devon Fasbinder As a Country Sweden is known as one of the most gender-egalitarian countries across the world. According to Sweden Sverige, a governmental website, the country is, “based … Continue reading

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99% of Teens in Iceland are on Facebook

By: Devon Fasbinder If you think teenagers these days are so focused on social media, technology, and devices, you may be spot on. Sure, people will refute the claims and … Continue reading

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The Royal Family Embarrased by Scandal

By: Tiffany Murray      The royal family in Spain is being looked at with a critical eye, and is quite embarrassed after the king’s son-in-law was involved in a corruption … Continue reading

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NSA denies it spied on Vatican conclave

Written By: Michael Derlicki The United States National Security Agency has been accused of monitoring the phone calls during the conclave in which Pope Francis was elected.  The European countries … Continue reading

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Making Single Parenting Easier in Ireland

By: Tuva Aasen “One Family” which was founded in 1971 is an Irish NGO constantly striving to support and better the everyday lives of one-parent families in Ireland. They fight … Continue reading

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