Western Europe

A Peek Into Several European Countries


Iceland’s Renewable Energy

By: Jordan Locke

Iceland is one of the most self sustainable nations in the world.

Iceland has an abundanwind powerce of energy sources but they are now experimenting with Wind Energy as well. With two 900 kW Turbines, it is the 100th nation to use this type of energy.

Over 85% of its energy resources are green and three quarters of it’s resources are not even being used. Currently, Iceland is is studying the practicability of an underground energy pipeline to Scotland. There is no problem with producing the extra energy but the generated revenue would be anywhere form 4 Billion to 70 Billion, and even then those numbers are fuzzy.

But with Iceland’s renewable energy there is another market they can break into. Algae Biomass Production is a growing industry with long time benefits. Iceland is a premiere site for a facility because of its renewable energy and compatible rates.


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