Western Europe

A Peek Into Several European Countries

Womens Rights in Spain

By: Tiffany Murray Spain has made a lot of progress over the years in order to help women achieve more rights. However, even though they have made progress they still … Continue reading

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The Royal Family Embarrased by Scandal

By: Tiffany Murray      The royal family in Spain is being looked at with a critical eye, and is quite embarrassed after the king’s son-in-law was involved in a corruption … Continue reading

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PREDIF: NGO in Spain

By: Tiffany Murray One of the non-government organizations that is in Spain is PREDIF Confederation. It is a non-profit, which represents state level and develops programs for people with disabilities. … Continue reading

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Gender Based Violence in Spain

By: Tiffany Murray The United Nations has a fair amount of influence on the country of Spain. Spain became a part of the United Nations in December of 1955. One … Continue reading

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Minor Earthquakes Caused by Spain’s Drilling

By: Tiffany Murray Spain’s government may be facing a 1.3 billion euro (1.1 billion dollars) compensation bill if it is made to close an off-shore gas storage plant. This plant … Continue reading

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The Culture of Spain

By: Tiffany Murray Spain has a diverse culture and there are many popular activities Spaniards take part in during their leisure time. Some of the most popular activities that people do in … Continue reading

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Spain and Environmental Issues

By: Tiffany Murray      Spain is currently dealing with several environmental issues, some of which include pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, water quality, air pollution and deforestation. Spaniards have taken … Continue reading

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