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A Peek Into Several European Countries

Making Single Parenting Easier in Ireland

By: Tuva Aasen “One Family” which was founded in 1971 is an Irish NGO constantly striving to support and better the everyday lives of one-parent families in Ireland. They fight … Continue reading

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By Destiny Albritton Dochas is the Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organizations. It’s a network of Irish NGO’s. NGO’s such as World Vision Ireland, The Red Cross and Christian Aid … Continue reading

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Beware of UK Horse Burgers!!

By Destiny Albritton Beware of the burgers in the United Kingdom! In recent months, it was discovered that Tesco, a super market with many chains throughout the United Kingdom (including … Continue reading

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Pollution: A Global Concern

By: Destiny Albritton Even though the regions that make up our world are diverse, we are all united by our environment. Can anyone truly be sheltered from the issues of … Continue reading

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Irish Frugality Kills the Economy?

By Destiny G. Albritton Just when it seemed there was a light at the end of the tunnel, Ireland’s economy began feeling cramped up earlier this year. According to the … Continue reading

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Mortar Found in Area Known for Republicanism

By: Destiny Albritton In today’s world, religious conflicts that are most popular usually take place in the middle East. People generally think of religious conflict as something that doesn’t happen … Continue reading

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