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Norway and China Exploring Offshore Iceland

By: Devon Fasbinder Norway is planning to team up with Chinese firms to explore offshore oil off the coast of Iceland, according to IceNews. The Norwegian oil industry has expressed … Continue reading

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99% of Teens in Iceland are on Facebook

By: Devon Fasbinder If you think teenagers these days are so focused on social media, technology, and devices, you may be spot on. Sure, people will refute the claims and … Continue reading

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Iceland’s Natural Globalization

By: Jordan Locke Globalization has been going on long before the international corporations and the internet. Things done in one part of the world can easily effect a large area … Continue reading

September 5, 2013 · 2 Comments

Iceland’s Renewable Energy

By: Jordan Locke Iceland is one of the most self sustainable nations in the world. Iceland has an abundance of energy sources but they are now experimenting with Wind Energy … Continue reading

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