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Corruption in Nigeria

Written By: Michael Derlicki


My group is Group 3 after deep discussion we have decided to focus specifically on the country of Nigeria. Nigeria is a country that has many different controversial topics to discuss such as health care, human rights, women rights, education and corruption. For our e-book project the topic that I have chosen to discuss is corruption.

Corruption is a topic that affects the entire world and millions of people. There are countless ways that corruption has negatively impacted the world and Nigeria in particular. Some of the challenges that I will be faced with in writing about corruption, is making sure that all the topics are properly interconnected. I am creating an outline that contains a variety of information and sources in attempt to broaden my knowledge about corruption in general, but with a special emphasis that it has in Nigeria. Up to now it has been very important for me to completely understand the severity of corruption and its impacts as I live in Columbia Missouri, where there is very little corruption that has an effect on me.  I look forward to all the knowledge I will gain due to my research, projects and other projects within the class.


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