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Equality: A days of work, is a days of work!

 Written By: Michael Derlicki

Begum describes justice as a right and that it should not be begged for. I agree with this concept I believe when someone has harm done to them of any kind, they should not have to beg to find justice; justice should be done since it is the right thing to do. I think that it is important to have set rules in the work environment that protect women’s rights and when they are broken to have consequences. These rules should be set by what is reasonable to expect from the work environment as a human being. This reinforces Begum’s Idea as to justice being a right and not a luxury that people feel guilty about.

Begum makes a statement saying that women work more than men but still end up making less than men. Women in Sub-Saharan Africa tend to work more hours than men and produce most of the food in the region. Providing most of the food is not an easy joy it can be very strenuous and intense. A more fair method of going about this issue would be setting hourly wages for both male and females. This would help change the wage gap that is a global issue and help women be more self dependent. This would be a great way to start fixing the issues of gender equality.

I truly believe that wage equality is an important issue that needs confronting although I do not believe it is the most important aspect in empowering women. Women Human Rights is more critical in empowering women in my opinion. If both women rights and women wages get fixed it would be a tremendous success for women empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Once women start earning money for themselves they have the ability to usually choose what to do with their money. In many cases this will allow them to get educations for their children. They can provide their daughters with better life’s and a chance to be more equal to the males. With time men will start seeing them as equals due to their education, and financial standings.


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