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Woman of 80 Years Acquitted!

By Destiny G. Albritton

In Germany, an eighty year old woman who was suspected to have membership of a militant leftist organization, Revolutionary Cells, was found innocent of murder but guilty of aiding in three explosive and arson attacks. This woman, Sonja Suder, was sentenced three and a half years in prison because of her contribution to non-deadly arson attacks. She will not be serving her sentence though because she was in custody before the trial began.

According to The Local’s article “Woman, 80, Cleared Over Carlos the Jackal Attack”, it is unknown what Sonja Suder’s emotional reaction to the verdict was because she wore sunglasses in the courtroom. I can imagine she was probably relieved to know she would not have to spend the next three years of her life in jail for something that she did nearly fifty years in the past.  I wonder though if the lives effected by her actions are satisfied with the verdict of this trial though. The trial did start in September of 2012, and ended November of 2013. If she was in custody before the trial ever began, Sonja was in jail for over a year all ready. Perhaps her jail sentence should have been shorter in length rather than excused all together.


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This entry was posted on November 12, 2013 by in Germany.
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