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Italy’s women’s rights progression and brutal murder of teenager.

Written By: Michael Derlicki

Italy is a country that is very aware of women rights. Italy of today is country in which women have equal rights as men. They also have mainly the same job, business and education opportunities. Some, more traditional people in Italy, especially people that originated from the south; still tend to treat women as slightly inferior. Although the women rights in Italy are just as one would expect of a developed country. Ever since the Italian economic miracle, women’s literacy rate and university subscription has gone up significantly in Italy. The stats are shocking, women in Italy have a 98% literacy rate and have a basic education and end up going to a university. Approximately 60% of Italian university graduates are females. This allows women the ability to be represented in all academic studies. The majority of women excel in secondary and tertiary education. Women in Italy tend to have highly positive results within the society; due to the fact that the probability of an Italian woman getting a job is mainly related to her qualifications. This means that 80% of women who graduate universities go to look for a job that they are qualified for. These jobs that women apply for are not sexist because women in Italy usually get the same wages as men of their same position.  Women holding a white collar or office jobs tend to get paid the same as men, but women with blue collar or manual positions are paid on average 1/3 less than their male coworkers. This does not mean that Italy does not have problem with women’s rights and the proper treatment of women.

Italy this year has had a serious issue that hit the country. In May a terrible shocking tragedy involving a girl occurred that traumatized Italy; causing an overshadowing of the Italian women’s rights vote. This young girl “was burned alive because of jealousy at 16 years old by a boy of 17, her boyfriend.”  House speaker Laura Boldrini made a comment on this disaster saying “Once again violence masquerading as love. It’s a horror we cannot become accustomed to and shows the challenge we face is cultural.”  Thousands of mourners attended the funeral, one of them being the Minister for Equal Opportunities Josefa Idem. She spoke at the funeral and stated that “the state needed to do more to protect women after dozens of other cases of women killed by their partners.” Unfortunately other politicians are not taking the issue more seriously and did not attend the debate regarding the treaty designed to help and protect the women within the Italy Society. “The treaty still needs final ratification in the Senate for final approval by Italy, which would join Turkey, Albania, Portugal and Montenegro in backing the convention. It needs the support of at least 10 countries to take effect.


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This entry was posted on November 8, 2013 by in Italy.
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