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99% of Teens in Iceland are on Facebook


By: Devon Fasbinder

If you think teenagers these days are so focused on social media, technology, and devices, you may be spot on. Sure, people will refute the claims and there are always exceptions, but teens are absolutely tied to the networks. Believe it or not, Iceland actually really takes the prize for how many teens are on Facebook – a whopping 99%, according to a survey by SAFT, an Icelandic organization that aims to “empower children and parents to enjoy the internet and new media in a safe and positive way.”

According to mbl.is, 13% of teens with the accounts have their site open instead of private as many online experts advise. Research from the article says girls are more likely to be careful with their privacy settings.

Iceland leads in internet usage per capita, at least since the last time numbers were collected. According to the Iceland Review, a report from The State of Broadcast in 2012 puts Iceland at the top for usage.

This could possibly be correlated to the fact that people in Iceland have the most freedom online of any country according to the Iceland Review. Iceland is followed by Estonia and Germany. On the other hand, the countries with the least amount of freedom include Iran, China, Cuba, Syria and Ethiopia.


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2013 by in Iceland.
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