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The Royal Family Embarrased by Scandal

By: Tiffany Murrayinaki and princess

     The royal family in Spain is being looked at with a critical eye, and is quite embarrassed after the king’s son-in-law was involved in a corruption scandal. Inaki Urdangarin who is the Duke of Palma (the capital city of the Balearic Islands in Spain) is an ex Olympic handball player and is married to the kings second child princess Cristina. A judge in Spain has recently ordered that properties that belong to Inaki are to be impounded. Inaki is suspected of misusing millions of euros that had been given to a charitable foundation which he ran. Inaki and his now former business partner, Diego Torres, are both suspected of taking some of the money which was given by regional governments to the Noos Institute. They are both under investigation for the suspected misappropriation of public funds, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, falsification of official documents and tax fraud. The judge has ordered the impounding to cover a 6.1 million euro ($8.2 million US) bond that Inaki has placed on him. Inaki and his former business partner have denied any wrongdoings and are yet to be charged with any crime. Inaki and his wife have had several properties targeted by the judge, one of which being a large luxury house on the outskirts of Barcelona. Other properties in the Balearic Islands and in north-eastern Spain have also been seized. It has been alleged that some of the money suspected of being taken has ended up going to companies that are controlled by Inaki and also to offshore bank accounts. These events allegedly happened between 2004 and 2006 during the time that the duke left the institute. Inaki had been suspended from royal family engagements in December of last year. As of recently the princess has also been suspected of being a part of the corruption and allegedly helped her husband. She has recently moved to Switzerland with her children in an effort to keep the children away from unwanted media attention. It seems that the royal family is trying their best to distance themselves from the scandal although is a rather hard thing to do when their daughter is now also a suspect. I believe this story shows that even if you are royalty, you are not necessarily a good person, and in fact you could be taking advantage of those you are supposed to be helping. The above is a picture of the duke Inaki Urdangarin with his wife princess Cristina.


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This entry was posted on November 4, 2013 by in Spain.
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