Western Europe

A Peek Into Several European Countries


By Destiny Albritton

Dochas is the Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organizations. It’s a network of Irish NGO’s. NGO’s such as World Vision Ireland, The Red Cross and Christian Aid Ireland are apart of this collaboration. Irish Aid also has a relationship of importance with Dochas. Dochas believes in people’s rights, social justice, cooperation of multiple NGO’s, and celebrating diversity.  Dochas aims to wipe out poverty and social inequality. Dochas enables NGO’s to be more productive by allowing members of the association to pool their resources together.


Picture from mediacontact.ie.

Picture from mediacontact.ie.


The organizations that are members of the association function independently, the collaboration kicks in for projects of common interest among the NGO’s though. The affiliated organizations learn from one another. Dochas also works to push certainly government policies.

Dochas is managed by an elected board which is selected annually at the General Meeting. Most of the funding (over fifty percent) for Dochas comes from Irish Aid and nearly thirty percent comes from other members of Dochas. Dochas does not fund other organizations. Dochas has a weekly newsletter that anyone can subscribe to. Member organizations of Dochas have a presence in almost every region of the world except the United States and Canada, which is impressive.


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