Western Europe

A Peek Into Several European Countries

The Roller Coasters of Europe

By Jordan Locke

Increased investments in the amusement parks in 2013 made for some innovative, crazy rides.

During the recent recession theme parks around the world went into maintenance-only modes to reduce costs. But in 2013 there was some major installations.

American Coaster Enthusiasts picked their top ten coasters and three in Europe made the cut.

The Jewel in Djurs Sommerland, Denmark opened May 4 2013 and is the first double launch coaster in Europe. The cars look more like four wheelers while you ride through a jungle with Aztec temples and waterfalls. It runs at 53 miles per hour.

The Smiler in Alton Towers, England actually hired psychological experts to ramp up the fear of this coaster. The coaster uses mind-manipulating triggers such as giant syringes, spinning wheels, flashing lights, and even tickling, which is supposed to blur the lines between illusion and reality.  The Smiler runs at 52 miles an hour and has 80 inversions.

The Smiler

The Smiler

The Storm in Etnaland, Sicily is located at the base of a volcano. It has a 70-degree first drop, then the track twists 360 degrees, finally somewhere in there are two helix turns. While you are enjoying this wild ride you may be able to see the 21 life-size dinosaurs in Etnaland’s Prehistoric Park.

So Global comrades, while you are out saving the world, traveling from country to country, take a second to enjoy these crazy coasters.


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