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Cesvi – We don’t exist to survive, we exist to change.

Written By: Michael Derlicki


Italy has its fair share of NGO’s. The one that caught my eye and that I found to be very interesting was Cesvi. Cesvi is an independent and worldly NGO that was founded in 1985; and is currently working within 30 countries throughout the world. Its main mission is to contribute to the achievement of the MDG’s goals. The MDG are “The Millennium Development Goals that are eight international development goals that were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000.” Cesvi contributes to these goals by providing immediate help to ensure survival and to overcome any catastrophes and emergencies. It aids in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of systems destroyed by war or natural calamities. It also provides cooperation projects for the development of underprivileged social groups and communities.  Cesvi states that “We strongly believe that interventions aimed at a lasting and real change are the only way to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.”  Cesvi takes pride and a sense of excellence in their contribution to finding the solution to poverty and in providing a just world in which human rights are universal.

Cesvi has been a very helpful and powerful hand in helping Ithe world with any issues that arise. For example “Food security is one of Cesvi’s Priority strategic areas. From 2002 to 2008, Cesvi ran 197projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, 34% of which focused on food security.” Cesvi reaches out to areas in Africa, Asia, Balkans, Latin America and the Middle East. They have countless projects that help people have better lives in ways of necessities and rights. Cesvi as all Non Government Organizations needs help with funding.  Cesvi has said “In order to manage our various campaigns, we had set ourselves the goal to bring fund raising capacity to exceed 20 million Euro per year.” Very successfully Cesvi’s  objectives have been meet and exceeded due to generous individuals across Italy that have donated.

Cesvi’s vision is “We don’t exist to survive, we exist to change”. They are very passionate about their work and I believe that they show it by their educational programs in Italy and throughout Europe. These programs are designed to develop global solidarity awareness, to increase the amount of volunteers and donors as well as influence private and public companies to support Cesvi’s projects.

All in all I truly believe that this organization is a blessing to the world. If we had more volunteers, donors and more organizations like Cesvi in the world, we would all live in a better and more equal place.


The flag of the United Nations – Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)


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