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Gender Based Violence in Spain


By: Tiffany Murray

The United Nations has a fair amount of influence on the country of Spain. Spain became a part of the United Nations in December of 1955. One of the major activities that has been taking place in Spain recently is the push towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. In April, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Madrid to give a speech at the Teatro Real. During the speech he explained that there needed to be a real push and acceleration during the next 1000 days to meet the millennium promise. He also went on to explain that after 2015 (and hopefully the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals) there will still be more to do. He believes there needs to be an agenda that focuses on decent jobs, food security and social inclusion. The agenda also needs to include supplying clean water, sustainable energy, fair access to markets and resources as well as a stronger financial and economic stability. Even though there has been improvements in Spain, there are still some human rights issues. One of the main issues is with gender based violence against women in Spain. Many women are continuing to be killed by their partners and former partners. Women who have been the victims of domestic violence face many difficulties in obtaining justice against their perpetrator. Another problem is the institutional response are inadequate to other forms of gender based violence, such as human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Spain does not have an institutional system to help identify the victims of such violence or to help them gain assistance after. This is a major problem and hopefully Spain begins to take steps in order to help change this issue with gender based violence. The picture for this blog post is one of the ads that is to help promote awareness of human trafficking. The bold letters “stoppt menschenhandel” is translated to “stop human trafficking”. Hopefully with more awareness comes more progress in helping fix the major problem of human trafficking.


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