Western Europe

A Peek Into Several European Countries

Portugal and the UN

By Destiny Albritton

Portugal has been a member of the United Nations since December 14th of the year 1955. Portugal being a nation of freedom of religion and democracy, is a prime area of asylum for refugees. Portugal is a member of the UN Refugee Agency. Portugal is one of twenty-seven member countries in the European Union working to form a Common European Asylum System. A Common European Asylum System would make it easier for members of the European Union to share responsibilities.Because of the poor economic climate many  states are dealing with, the financial ability to aid refugees has decreased. Other countries are working to making their asylum systems more like that of the European Union. Many of the refugees in Portugal currently are North African.

Portugal Flag

There’s approximately ten million people currently residing in Portugal. Of that ten million, barely more than twelve hundred are immigrants. There are less than five hundred refugees in Portugal and over five hundred stateless immigrants residing in Portugal. Less than one hundred immigrants leave Portugal after residing there initially. Around thirty refugees leave Portugal and nearly fifty of them are asylum seekers.

One of the constraints of the UN Refugee Agency currently though is the negative attitudes foreigners residing in the European Union are feeling.


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