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UN’s conflict prevention, peacekeeping and peace building in Belgium


By Tuva Aasen: The UN plays a significant role in Belgium, and has been present to help promote security, peace and also in trying to create a functional international legal order. Listed above are the UN’s main goals and their emphasis in moving Belgium forward.  A major contribution to Belgium by the UN in regards of promoting peace and a safe environment is the distribution of political missions and peacekeeping procedures. The UN does not only emphasize the promotion of peace here, but also the prevention of conflict in the country. Belgium is a member of the UN Peace-building commission, which plays a major role in this conflict prevention.

Although there are always a lot of issues to tackle in individual countries, it is evident that UN plays a main role in conflict prevention, peace building and peacekeeping in Belgium. However, it is important to realize that these are generalized terms, and that a lot of various activities are being performed to challenge various issues. An example of this would be that they target the issue children in armed conflict, counter-terrorism, demilitarization and non-proliferation as well to promote peace throughout Belgium and its surrounding countries. According to the UN Belgium has played a major role in negotiating which resulted in the “Ottowa Convention on Anti-Personnel Mines” (Convention of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and on their destruction.) “Belgium will continue to pay close attention to these weapons, as well as to the more general issue of small arms and light weapons and unexploded war remnants, such as cluster bombs,” the UN also states on their website. In addition to this, other broad issues that will remain on UN’s agenda in regards to work and their presence in Belgium are peace and security, developmental issues, human rights, humanitarian issues and international justice.

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