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Sweden’s Sustainable Ways


By Tuva Aasen:

In recent years, people have increasingly tried becoming “greener” and emphasize on a more sustainable living to protect the world we live on. Though the task of contributing to a healthier world through specified “greener” behavior seems close to impossible as an individual, a whole country can make an immense difference. One of the countries that aimed to rise greener behavior overall is Sweden. Sweden was ranked as the fourth greenest country by toptoptenz.net, whereas Iceland ranked first and Colombia tenth. There was a clear pattern of European countries dominating this list based on sustainable behavior. One thing setting Sweden apart is their strategy that started as far back as in the 1980s, which was during the oil crisis. They created a plan aiming to terminate the use of fossil fuels in Sweden by 2020. There has been several actions taking place to reach this goal, and the result is outstanding.  28% of the country’s resources and energy is eco-friendly and renewable. To provide necessities and electricity to the population, an emphasis has been put on the use of wind power, hydropower and nuclear power. Another somewhat disgusting but definitely remarkable green action in Sweden is the use of methane, which is taken from the guts of cows to power their cars. Although it seems pretty sickening, it is very cheap and indeed very green. In addition, Sweden utilize every single corner of their forests, and sawdust left over after lumber projects gets saved to be used in the production of wood pellets, which are then resold to homeowners. Lastly, individual companies have really made it a goal to contribute to Sweden becoming greener in their own ways. An example of this would be them training employees in ways to drive more eco-friendly, such as keeping moderate speeds while avoiding fast stops and starts to prevent the amount of fuel burned.

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This entry was posted on October 13, 2013 by in Sweden.
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