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Europe Takes Several Awards for Top Haunted Castles

By: Devon Fasbinder

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought it would be an interesting diversion from sustainability and globalization to look at some spooky attractions in Europe. However, the more I thought about the attractions, the more I realized that they drive tourism and visitors from other countries, therefore increasing globalization .


But let’s get to the castles. Europe takes awards for several of The World’s 10 Scariest Haunted Castles starting with the Castle of Bardi, also known as the Landi Castle. The castle was built sometime in the 900s and towers over the Elimila-Romagna valley. According to the blog Seeks Ghosts, the haunting comes from a love story much like Romeo and Juliet. The blog says the lord of the castle’s daughter was in love with the captain of the knights. When he went away to fight, the woman, Soleste, would perch high upon the tower and look to the horizon for him to return. When she finally saw troops emerging on the horizon, she saw they were wearing enemy colors. Because of this, she thought her lover had been killed and threw herself off the tower. But her lover was indeed on the horizon, and his fellow knights were wearing the enemy colors to boast. He found Soleste dead on the ground, realized what he had done, and killed himself. His ghost is known to haunt the grounds searching for his love.


Next is the Dragsholm Castle in Denmark built in 1215 that comes with not one, not two, but hundreds of ghosts. According to Windows to World History, the castle was a prison and each criminal’s cell reflected his crime. The castle was also a battle fortification and some say it is the most haunted in the world. Gadling.com, the site that hosts the scariest castles list says one of the most terrifying of haunted stories is a ghost called the White Lady. The White Lady began as a girl of high nobility who fell in love with one of the castle laborers. Her father was against the relationship and ended up locking her in the walls of the castle. Her skeleton was found hundreds of years later during some remodeling and it was wearing a white gown. You can stay at this castle overnight if you wish as a visitor.


And finally, on this short bit of the list, we head to France where the Brissac Castle lies. It was built sometime in the 11th century and is considered the tallest château in all of the Loire Valley. This haunting tale begins with an affair. The noble who purchased the castle had a wife named Charlotte. According to legend, Charlotte enjoyed taking lovers and having sex loud enough with these other men that her husband could hear. Eventually, he snapped. He is said to have stabbed the lover and Charlotte. Both the lover and Charlotte were not seen again but it is said that their moans became louder throughout the castle. It got so loud that the noble had to sell it.

A man from Greece stayed in this castle and gives his first hand account of the haunting in an article called Staying in a Grand Loire Valley Chateau. The moment he walked into a room where Charlotte’s body was said to have been found, he said, “This room is definitely haunted.” According to Haunted Castles and Hotels, her body is still haunting the castle.


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