Western Europe

A Peek Into Several European Countries

Fracking in Europe?


By: Jordan Locke


Fracking has revolutionized the energy market in the United States offering everyone cheap energy. But what is the real cost of hydraulic fracturing? The entire process is full of pollutants and carcinogens. There is a chemical cocktail to inject into the ground to get out the gases. The energy companies aren’t even required to tell us what these toxic chemicals are. These chemicals can get into the water we drink, evaporate into the air we breath, etc. Plus it is just not healthy for the earth. Denver had ten times more earth quakes the year that fracking started.

Now Europe is deciding whether to follow suit. France and Belgium have already banned it while Britain’s government is trying to promote it. But the people in Britain’s country side are showing their opposition. Near Balcombe in West Sussex, up to 1,000 demonstrators set up a tent camp to protest  test drilling by the energy company Cuadrilla. More than 100 people were arrested and even though Cuadrilla has leftthe site the protesters are threatening to protest again if they return.

The treasury in Britain is in favor of shale exploration (fracking). Shale gives off far less carbon addmisoins than coal, which they are relying on now for energy through exports from the United States. With shale exploration they can bring down domestic prices and increase energy security. Which then in turn they may have they flexibility to look for cleaner energy. Shale gas gives off less CO2 than coal.

While money is rather important in our world, if we don’t start thinking about the earth now there will be no earth for money to exist upon anyway.


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This entry was posted on October 10, 2013 by in Britain.
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