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Umbrellas_Of_Cherbourg_TheBy: Jordan Locke

I love me some French Films. But two of my favorites can show how the pop culture of France has progressed. The Umbrella’s of Cherbourg was a popular french opera made into a film in the 1960’s and Rust and Bone is a french film that actually came to Ragtag last year.

The Umbrella’s of Cherbourg is about young love.  Geneviève is the daughter of an umbrella shop owner who falls in love with Guy a mechanic. But when Guy must do his two years of duty for the French military, they are split up. Geneviève is left poor and pregnant and though she wants to wait for Guy her financial situation won’t allow it so she marries rich. Guy returns home so very sad but eventually pulls it together and starts his own business. At the end of the movie they see each other again and realize they never stopped loving each other but will never be able to be together.

Rust and Bone is about two people who fall in love as well, but instead of falling in love when your young and naive. Sam and Stephanie fall in love after through many hard times in their lives. Sam is a professional fighter and has a kid he can barely take care of while Stephanie was a whale trainer at sea world until she lost her leg when a trick went wrong with the orcas. When the end of the film comes after many climaxes, they have helped each other through and then end up with each other.

The two films have the underlying theme of hunger. Every character in each film wants something that they strive for during the course of the movie. Throughout these films you can see when the characters don’t have what they need to fill that hunger they starve. There lives don’t seem to be as full without it.

Even though the stories are so different, it shows the lives of real french people.


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