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Tabu and John Jorge

By Destiny Albritton

Last year in 2012 a film titled Tabu debuted in Portugal. Directed and written by Miguel Gomes, Tabu is a film about a journey an older woman embarks on to find a man who may be able to help her make sense of her past life as the owner of a farm on Mount Tabu in Africa. Accompanying our retired heroine is the maid of her dead neighbor. Tabu is filmed in black and white which adds to the drama and romance of the film. I feel this film was made for the art’s sake rather than entertainment. The lighting, the soundtrack, the music, has all been praised. It is a shame the story line is not more provocative though. It has been felt by critics that every detail that went into making this film was designed to elicit an emotional response except the plot, they feel it was too dry.

(scene from Tabu)

(scene from Tabu)

To explore another dimension of Portuguese popular culture, this year upcoming singer/songwrtier John Jorge received an International Portuguese Music Award for his original song “Lily”. He wrote “Lily” to give a fresh perspective of his personal life and the song has become popular in Portugal. He plays the drums, the guitar, the bass and the piano but is also classically trained as a dancer and actor. Many more hits are expected to come from this up and coming music sensation.

(John Jorge at International Portuguese Music Awards, photo taken by Nelly)

(John Jorge at International Portuguese Music Awards, photo taken by Nelly)


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