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Italy and the Italian life

By: Michael Derlicki

laurapausinilp -Laura Pausini-

Italy is country that has a variety of different genres.  Genres that meet the needs of all the people. Italy has Opera, Instrumental, Classical, Pop, Rock, Disco, House, Trance, Dance, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Folk music. It also has a big body of popular music drawn from both imported and native sources. Italy has a extensive background in musical scales, harmony and theater that enabled the creation of Opera in the late 16th century. The Italians have a sense of national pride, as to the importance and contributions that they have made on music. In the last few years Italy has expanded their music styles and imported lots of music form the United States. Music like Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop and even some rock.  American Artists such as Beyonce, Black eyed Peas and Lady Gaga tend to be big names in Italy as well. Some Italian Rock and Pop artists like Laura Pausini, Elisa, Eros Ramazzotti are very popular. For Dance , Trance, Techno and other Electronic music genres, artists like Gabry Ponte, Eiffel 65 and Gigi D’Agostino are very popular in Italy. Italy is a country that loves music, dancing and truly enjoying music. Music is a part of their lives, that they have no problem exploring and adapting to new styles.

Italy enjoys and is prideful of their movies as well as their music. They enjoy making films of all genres like drama, comedy, action as well as history based films. Movies such as Cesare deve morire (Ceasar Must Die) is a movie that “Not only has it been chosen to represent Italy for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the next Academy Awards, it has also claimed the Golden Bear award at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.” Cesare deve morire is a historical based film that depicts the way Italians focus and portray art and culture in their movies. Another film that is popular in Italy is “Io e Te” (Me and You).  This film shows how the Italians can create a fascinating Drama with a very small budget. Critics a claim that this movie could be easily made into a stage show, due to the brilliant story line, writing and creativity of the film.

ImageItalians as the rest of the world enjoy listening to music and watching movies whenever they can. Although the Italians, they have a sport that the entire country is passionate about; this sport is soccer. As a matter of fact, the Italians are so passionate about soccer that they have created a betting pool that is connected with it, called the “Totocalcio”. Watching the Italian professional divisions play, is just as popular as soccer being played by regular people in villages and cities. For those that are too old to be running around the field, they spend their leisure time visiting with friends at cafes. But of course we can not forget about the beautiful beaches of Italy that are very popular recreational areas. These beautiful beaches are most popular with the younger generations of Italy.

Overall the Italians love their music, movies, free time and of course soccer.


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