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Finland: the “Global iPad App Market Superpower”


By: Devon Fasbinder

There are countless applications for mobile devices created in various places across the globe. The latest music collaboration app is attributed to creators in Finland. It’s called Cotracks and is meant for the iPad.

For music buffs, this app is like an audio mixer that allows you to create multiple loops and tracks using a variety of instruments and sounds. According to it’s launch site, Futucraft, the app can be used by several people all working on the same piece of work. The app synchronizes start and stop times within the group so that artists don’t interfere with each other’s work.

There are plenty of music-making applications available in the App Store, but this app is slightly different. MusicAlly says the app, “puts an interesting spin” on the music-based application category. Other critics are fairly impressed with the workings of this Finnish app. ArcticStartUp says the, “music app that passed the “woah check this out” test in the office” is none other than Cotracks.

This isn’t a surprise for Finland. According to BGR online, Finnish vendors had 4 of the top 10 highest-grossing apps for the Apple iOS system last year. BGR refers to Finland as the, “global iPad app market superpower.”


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This entry was posted on October 3, 2013 by in Finland.
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