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Spain and Environmental Issues

deforestationBy: Tiffany Murray

     Spain is currently dealing with several environmental issues, some of which include pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, water quality, air pollution and deforestation. Spaniards have taken notice to the growing issues and the government has put several regulations in place that everyone must follow in hopes of improving the environment. Spain has also enacted several organizations to help fix these environmental issues. Some of these include the Greenpeace Espana, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Spanish Society of Ornithology. Another major organization that Spain is a part of is the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). In 2007 an agreement was signed between Spain and the UN in an effort to accelerate the efforts of the MDGs. The MDG has eight areas in which they are trying to improve, with one of them being the environment and climate change. One of the main goals of this area is to integrate the ideas of sustainable development into the countries policies and to reverse the loss of environmental resources.


One comment on “Spain and Environmental Issues

  1. aharris0428
    October 1, 2013

    Has the nature conservatory reached out to help Spain? I know they have many different branches and in Peru specifically, they are dealing with many of the same things. It’s very interesting how these environmental issues are occurring in many different places around the world right now.

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