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Sustainable Development Top Notch in Sweden


By: Devon Fasbinder

Of nearly 200 countries on a list of energy consumption, Sweden ranks 22. While that number may seem pretty high, the country is working to become more sustainable as part of the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN).

According to ESDN, there are three types of Sustainable Development (SD) strategies, and Sweden covers all three dimensions. ESDN says that Sweden has strategies in place to combat wasteful behavior and become more sustainable overall.

According to a government document,  Sweden recognizes that rich countries have special responsibilities in sustainability, reducing world poverty increases sustainability, women’s opportunities and rights are important, the UN has overall responsibility of the sustainability plan, and more.  The document also indicates several challenges the country faces. These include building sustainable communities, encouraging good health on equal terms, meeting the demographic challenge, and encouraging sustainable growth. Overall, Sweden’s government has a plan they are working to put in place and carry out effectively.

The plan, however, cannot be carried out alone. The Ministry of the Environment in Sweden is mainly responsible for carrying out the plan and becoming more sustainable. Recently, their main accomplishment has been joining the UK, Norway, Ethiopia, South Korea, Colombia and Indonesia in starting a new global initiative, “The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.” Minister Lena Ek heads this initiative.


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