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“EU warns Italy over Ilva steel plant emissions”

Written by: Michael Derlicki


Italy has the biggest steel plant in Europe; the Ilva plant is located in the southern part of Italy near residential areas of Taranto where it is based.  Italy has been given many warning to find and implement a solution to the massive quantities of toxic emissions that the plant produces. “In June, the Italian government appointed a special commissioner to run the troubled plant which is a massive local employer and oversee a costly cleanup operation.” Politicians say that the cleanup will take approximately two years. Although the Commission is creating pressure of receive a response to their formal notice letter within a short time period of just two months. The people of Italy are protesting due to the test results of a laboratory in Brussels; showing “heavy pollution of air, soil, surface, and ground water” at the plant itself and local areas.  The people of Italy and other protesters are demanding that the steel plant closes. The people are not only trying to enforce this motion due to the EU environmental directives; but “they say toxic emissions have caused abnormally high levels of cancer and respiratory illness  ”. The Italian people are standing up for what is right and what they believe in. Regardless of the loss that they may take, due to the loss of jobs of such an important plant in Europe.

downloadilva (1)

As a side note to Italy’s strong feelings on pollution, they are a part of the Millennium Development Goal.  Italy committed to the organization in October 1970 at the UN GA Resolution Event in 1970. Italy’s Millennium Development Goals are to End Poverty and Hunger, Poverty, Global Partnership for Development, Official Development Assistance (ODA). These goals are only a hand full of the entire list of goals that the organization focuses on.  Italy has made steady yet a very significant impact on making the world a better place.


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