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Beware of UK Horse Burgers!!

By Destiny Albritton

Beware of the burgers in the United Kingdom!

In recent months, it was discovered that Tesco, a super market with many chains throughout the United Kingdom (including over 5 superstores in Ireland) had been selling burgers that were made up of nearly 29% horse meat. Although this nightmare for workers of the food industry began months ago, the horse burger drama is just now settling down.

APB, an Irish beef processing firm started all the necessary legal requirements against the supplier for sending them beef ruined by horse meat. Apparently when APB sent the meat to Silvercrest Foods, to mold the meat into burger patties, the burgers were tested by Food Service. Causing all sorts of panic, the patties tested positively for horse meat.


It was announced last week that a financial agreement as compensation was reached for all companies involved in providing Silvercrest with beef tainted by horse meat.  APB discovered the firm at the root of the horse meat scandal was Norwest Foods, a dutch company. The individual who  released the horse meat into the beef , Willy Selton ,  is being held accountable for his actions . Selton owned Norwest Foods and was arrested in recent months for fraud.


The details of the legal settlement is unknown due to confidentiality agreements between the firms at the center of the scandal.







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