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Sustainable Sweden

By Jordan Locke

Sweden is currently the most sustainable country in the world. It has the lowest carbon dioxide admissions along with government and social support out of the entire world. Its low reliance on fossil fuels and social drive to use more organic products earned it this rating.

Large Swedish companies like H&Msweden and Ikea are even using organic material now. While the second hand store market is growing as well. The social impact of the green minded people in Sweden puts pressure on the companies to cater to it buyers. With companies like Ikea and H&M being international this can help spread these ideas across the world. “It’s easy to be green here, its just a different way of thinking. Like it would be weird not to recycle,” said Cecilia Pfaff, University of Konstfack in Stockholm, “I can bike everywhere and most stores are organic.”

Sweden also has great waste management and recycling tactics. The government imposed stricter rules for packaging products in 2005. For instance a company can not use plastic bottles unless they are recyclable. While in America, we are worried about giving the government too much power so they can’t regulate what needs to be regulated to help the Environment.

The social atmosphere of Sweden makes it easy for Sweden to be the most sustainable country. Americans can be influenced across the world because of international stores like H&M and Ikea. With ideas reaching us here we can put pressure on our government to make our American companies be more efficient. For instance making office buildings use energy efficient lights bulbs, etc.


One comment on “Sustainable Sweden

  1. Monika Fischer
    September 16, 2013

    What do you mean by influencing the social movement?

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