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Pollution: A Global Concern

By: Destiny Albritton

Even though the regions that make up our world are diverse, we are all united by our environment. Can anyone truly be sheltered from the issues of pollution that have crept over the Earth? No, pollution is a global concern.

Chemical filth in both our water and air isn’t containable and it spread throughout our planet. It is a common resource of literally everyone and everything.

Main environmental concerns in Ireland are oxides of sulfur and oxides of nitrogen.


(Photo of Lough Ennel, from askaboutIreland.com)

As Ireland is an island, it is surrounded by water and fortunately, many locations appropriate for swimming by the European Union’s standards.  The decision as to whether or not water is suitable for bathing is based on amounts of faecal coliforms, mineral oils and other substances found in several samples of the water over a period of time. Levels of these substances are checked regularly for the safety of the Irish population.

There are four areas in Ireland unsuitable for swimming of any kind. These four areas are Clifden Beach, Ballyheige, Fountaintown and a small area near Dublin, as shown in the map from the Ordinance Survey Ireland. These four small areas blocked from the public bathing are not very significant though, as the number of possible areas for swimming out number the restrictions.

Ireland Bathing Water


One comment on “Pollution: A Global Concern

  1. Monika Fischer
    September 15, 2013

    your link is leading away from the site!
    And well, where are the four locations? And what are the EU standards? Any cooperation with England and Scotland?
    You need to give the source of your pictures and they have to be copyrighted!

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