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Sweden’s Growth Trumps Western Europe and United States


By: Devon Fasbinder

Sweden is part of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization. According to UN New York, this June, the Swedish government proposed the country participate in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) and the country agreed. The country contributed a manned aircraft of 70 that will participate in a mission for four months. The mission is to improve security in Mali. What proves interesting however, is that according to Foster’s Daily Democrat, during economic crisis, Sweden was successful in focusing on jobs and going against the advice of the IMF. Many Southern European countries got into trouble for taking the IMF advice.

From an economic perspective, according to The Washington Post, “Sweden’s economic growth has been much higher than that of the rest of Western Europe, or the United States, since 2006.” Although it is true that Sweden has experienced great ups and downs in the 20th and 21st centuries, the most recent statistics show great growth that trumps other Western European countries and the United States.

In The Post-American World, Fareed Zakaria says that the United States is the most competitive economy in the world according to the World Economic Forum. Yet, in recent years, the United States has been slipping to small northern European countries like Sweden, Denmark and Finland. This remark is consistent with the information from The Washington Post’s article – Sweden is winning.

Zakaria claims in a more general manner that the United States is, “the country that is most challenged,” because, “most other great powers will see their role in the world expand.” Zakaria adds that the process, “is already underway.” Sweden’s recent numbers relating to Gross Domestic Product and other economic measures have proven Zakaria’s claim. While large economies like China and India are often spoken of with regard to growing powers, Sweden should not be discounted. Though it is small, it’s economy bounced back quickly from the recession and is now on the rise. Not to mention it’s leadership is being recognized. According to Financial Times, Sweden’s Minister of Finance Anders Borg was Europe’s Top Financial Minister in 2011.



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One comment on “Sweden’s Growth Trumps Western Europe and United States

  1. Monika Fischer
    September 15, 2013

    you need to give a link to the Washington Post article that you mention. Also your links lead away from your site! What exactly did Sweden do again the IMF’s advice?

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