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Iceland’s Natural Globalization


By: Jordan Locke

Globalization has been going on long before the international corporations and the internet. Things done in one part of the world can easily effect a large area very far way (Steger 1). For instance in Iceland the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano that irrupted in 2010, may trigger a plan tom bloom this year. “The eruption sent an ash plume several kilometers into the atmosphere, causing ash to deposited across up to 570,000 sq. km of the North Atlantic Ocean (BBC).”

With a vast increase in Platon population in a large part of the ocean will then effect the rest of it, changing habitats and thus changing the lives of fish man as well.

Not only can Volcanoes pose a threat but the sheets of ice in GreenLand keep melting. “97 per cent of Greenland’s ice sheet could experience melting annually by 2025 (IceNews).” With CO2 admissions still on the rise, there is no stoping the ice melting. So while Greenland is losing land, so are many islands like Iceland. The water from the ice makes them smaller and smaller, and 2025 is not far in the future.

Now that we have some influence over Globalization we need to utilize it to help everyone and work together. Not just let things happen while focusing on the now. We need to look to the future.


2 comments on “Iceland’s Natural Globalization

  1. oliviacordray
    September 9, 2013

    Not sure how you’re connecting the changing ecology to globalization here, or the concept isn’t fully explained.

    Check capitalization on volcanoes, Greenland, globalization.
    Spelling errors: “irrupted,” “plan tom,” “Platon,” “stoping,” and “fish man.”
    Second to last sentence is a fragment.
    What does your photo illustrate?

  2. Monika Fischer
    September 15, 2013

    you need to give the source for your picture and make sure it is copyrighted.

    What do you mean by “Now that we have some influence over Globalization we need to utilize it to help everyone and work together.”? Who is ‘we’? Is Globalization different from globalization? (caps make a difference!)

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