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Council of Ministers Ditches IMU Property Tax

By: Michael Derlicki



Since 1945 Italy has been a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO); it is also a member of the United Nations.  Italy’s contribution is the The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) it is an agency of the United Nations that directs international efforts to aid and defeat hunger. The agency helps both developed and developing countries.  FAO provides the ability to have neutral forum, where all nations meet as equals to negotiate and debate policies.

Italy is struggling with its Economy as the rest of Europe. This is proven by Italy’s Fiat investing €1.0 billion to make Maseratis to ease fears that the auto giant is lowering its role in Italy. Although I think that Italy has realized that it is time to cut the people of Italy a break. The government has realized that helping the people, will result in aid of the future economy. Italy has took to heart in some small way what Article the Anti- Economist – The Scarlet Debtor by Jeff Madrick states that “There needs to be wider recognition that lender as well as borrowers are at fault in these crises, and that debt forgiveness is not charity.” The Italian public sector owes 30 billion Euro’s to businesses of different kinds. As the debts have not been paid of the economy has severely suffered. Italians have been struggling and complaining about the Imposta Municipale Propria also known as  IMU property tax for quiet sometime. Recently Italy has held a cabinet meeting and agreed on canceling the September and December installments of the IMU. This allows the availability of money for redundant workers and pension reform victims and more help for the weaker sectors of the Italian society. By doing this the government is trying to help the people and its country by focusing on the good. Quiet the opposite of what Zakaria mentions in his book, on the topic of The Problems of Plenty. When he says “we have spent much time, energy and attention worrying about crises and breakdown in the global economy and terrorism… This is natural – preparing for the worst can help avert it.” (Zakaria, The Post American World, Pg 29)  Italy is starting to focus more on the solution to the problem of their economy and has minimal concern of outside conflicts.

News Source of Council Ministers Ditching IMU: http://www.corriere.it/english/13_agosto_29/imu_a06d1bc0-10a3-11e3-abea-779a600e18b3.shtml


One comment on “Council of Ministers Ditches IMU Property Tax

  1. Monika Fischer
    September 15, 2013

    you need to explain to your reader what the trouble is with the IMU vs what they used to have, the ICI. What is the IMF’s take on the new tax law?

    Read your post out loud you” stumble over sentence structure; too many typos make it hard to read.

    What is Italy’s role at the UN and FAO?

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