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Sweden’s People Show Support on the Internet

By: Devon Fasbinder

The people of Sweden are taking their social stances to the Internet regarding a controversy surrounding the wearing of a hijab.

According to The Local, a pregnant woman in Farsta, a suburb of Stockholm, was attacked for wearing a headscarf. She passed out after having her head slammed into a car.

According to Al Jazeera, the man shouted slurs leading police to believe the attacker’s motivation was the woman’s religion. Police have not arrested anyone yet.

This violence sparked a movement in Sweden for men and women to wear headscarves in support of the woman attacked.

Organizers are calling the movement a “hijab outcry” or hijabuppropet. Supporters are posting pictures of themselves donning a hijab and using the hashtag #hijabuppropet. As of Wednesday August 28, there were nearly 3000 posts on Instagram. They can be viewed here.

Here are a few examples…




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One comment on “Sweden’s People Show Support on the Internet

  1. destinyalbritton
    September 28, 2013

    This trend of social media activism in Sweden is such a creative way to get a point across!

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