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Mortar Found in Area Known for Republicanism

By: Destiny Albritton

In today’s world, religious conflicts that are most popular usually take place in the middle East. People generally think of religious conflict as something that doesn’t happen today and if it does, it  only happens in non-western, developing countries. In all actuality though, action resulting from The Troubles in Ireland (conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland) is not that far in the past. Tension between these two groups is still felt in the area, as well.

Police in Northern Ireland discovered two Mortar-like (or cannon-type) devices in South Armagh, an area known for strong Republican (Catholic) sentiment. Also, the friction between these two groups is especially exaggerated here because of the close proximity to the Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland border.

It was suggested that an aircraft was the possible target of the Irish Republican Army, however the target of these devices is still unknown by Irish police.

Many roads are being blocked off for the time being while Irish police use sniffer dogs and metal detectors to weed out other dangerous devices in the area.


According to BBC News, residents in the surrounding area of South Armagh are having to be out of their homes again for the second time tonight.


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