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A Peek Into Several European Countries

Corruption in Nigeria

Written By: Michael Derlicki   My group is Group 3 after deep discussion we have decided to focus specifically on the country of Nigeria. Nigeria is a country that has many … Continue reading

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Equality: A days of work, is a days of work!

 Written By: Michael Derlicki Begum describes justice as a right and that it should not be begged for. I agree with this concept I believe when someone has harm done … Continue reading

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Norway and China Exploring Offshore Iceland

By: Devon Fasbinder Norway is planning to team up with Chinese firms to explore offshore oil off the coast of Iceland, according to IceNews. The Norwegian oil industry has expressed … Continue reading

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Pope Francis ‘may be at risk from Italian mafia’

Written By: Michael Derlicki The Catholic Church, the Vatican and Pope Francis have accusations made against them of collusion between organized crime and elements with the Catholic hierarchy.  Pope Francis … Continue reading

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Woman of 80 Years Acquitted!

By Destiny G. Albritton In Germany, an eighty year old woman who was suspected to have membership of a militant leftist organization, Revolutionary Cells, was found innocent of murder but … Continue reading

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Womens Rights in Spain

By: Tiffany Murray Spain has made a lot of progress over the years in order to help women achieve more rights. However, even though they have made progress they still … Continue reading

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Not Equal in Marriage

By Jordan Locke Norway usually takes the title of one of the most gender-equal countries in the world. Outside in the streets this maybe the case but behind the closed … Continue reading

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